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An IT consultancy dedicated to quality, rapid delivery and customer satisfaction

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Full Stack Solutions

From database to web client. Latest technologies and architectures to ensure future proof solutions

Excellent pedigree

Providing solutions for over twenty years in the industry and learning from the terrible mistakes of the past. No more stovepipes!

Customised for you

Do you need design? Analysis? Or just somebody to make the vision happen? We have the skills you need.

Client satisfaction

Our signature is prolonged engagements adding consistent value. Projects we get involved in are consistently more likely to get released than industry averages

Technologies we use.

We can help with all of these, plus many more!


A classic framework that makes development fun. Easy to add cutting-edge technologies with extensive plugin support


1 or 2+. An old classic, surviving the competition well.


Lightweight app server that has improved massively every new release. JEE support for enterprise. Catching up with Spring again after losing the race for a while

Apache Camel

Enterprise Architecture Patterns made easy. And fun!

Apache Tomcat

For when you don't need the overhead of a fully blown application container.


The industry standard. We like Oracle!